NDE - the science

Complex consciousness, including cognition, perception, and memory, under conditions such as cardiac arrest and general anesthesia, when it cannot be associated with normal brain function, require a revised psychology anchored not in 19th-century classical physics but rather in 21st-century quantum physics that includes consciousness in its conceptual formulation.1

Much of what is being described by survivors as happening during an NDE is now being found to have a basis in quantum physics.  Of particular relevance is quantum entanglement and non-locality in which everything appears to be interconnected without regard to time and space.  Where everything effects everything else.  Anything can be known instantly.  And any object can travel vast distances instantly.

These widely excepted theories would explain NDEs out-of-body experience, the “life review”, and the ability to move instantly from our realm of space-time to a multidimensional realm in which time and distance no longer exist as we know it.

The question becomes, does quantum physics apply to consciousness and livings systems and not just non-living matter?  This is where there is a divergence in thought by the quants.  Some say yes. Some say no.  Some need more data.  But for those who have experienced an NDE - there is no question.

Einstein, who considered quantum physics incomplete famously said
“God does not play dice.”  Max Planck, on the other hand, the founder of quantum theory (along with Neils Bohr) worked within a different paradigm which is reflected in his observation; "I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

This collection of talks and interviews explores our understanding of consciousness from within the realm of quantum mechanics.

Scientific Research to read & download


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